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Science, culture, education, and the brain: the brain

Science, culture, education, and the brain:
Loopiness and conflict in inquiry ... and life

Paul Grobstein

4th Annual Springer Forum on Cultural Studies of Science Education

24 March 2010


The Brain as an Inquirer: The Nexus of Multiple Conflict-Detecting Loops

An interactive introduction to the bipartite brain and its multiple loops (see more see Ambiguous figures and The brain's constructions and deconstructions of reality)

  • Inside/outside (empirical loop)
  • Unconscious/conscious (non-reflective/story loop)
  • Inter-personal, inter-cultural


Everyone's brain is equipped to learn from observations, to construct stories to account for unconscious understandings, and to use observations to challenge stories.  Everybody's brain is also equipped to challenge, deconstruct, and reconstruct stories, individually and collectively, and hence to not only make sense of what is but to conceive what might be.   Conflict is potentially a generative element in all three brain loops.   


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