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Science, culture, education, and the brain: culture

Science, culture, education, and the brain:
Loopiness and conflict in inquiry ... and life

Paul Grobstein

4th Annual Springer Forum on Cultural Studies of Science Education

24 March 2010


Expanding on the brain and inter-personal/inter-cultural loops

Interpersonal interactions from the brain perspective

Multiple paths of conflict

Dissect to learn from conflict, value difference as route to new stories

Cultural interactions from the brain perspective


Cultures are group stories, "shared subjectivities"

Individuals can both draw from and contribute to cultural stories

Individuals/cultures could treat cultural conflict in the same terms as conflict in the other loops, as valuable/generative of new understandings/stories rather than as things to ignore or fight about

Treating conflict as generative is the norm for the unconscious inside/outside loop but seems to get progressively harder in the loop between the unconscious and the conscious and in the interpersonal, intercultural loops.  The problem would seem to have to do with consciousness itself and its associated stories that treat difference as threatening.  New stories that emphasize the value of difference in creating possibilities yet unconceived would seem desirable from this perspective.    


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