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Rose Troche

Writer/director Rose Troche grew up in the Midwest suburbs as part of a large Puerto Rican family, which may be related to her knack for ensemble casts. After making short films and videos, she made her feature debut with the romantic comedy Go Fish, which she co-produced and co-wrote with lead actress Guinevere Turner. Shot in 16 mm black-and-white around the Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park, the film premiered at Sundance and has become something of a lesbian cult hit. In 1998, she directed the British romantic comedy Bedrooms & Hallways about gay men in London. She focused on the heterosexual suburbs her 2001 feature The Safety of Objects, an adaptation of several short stories by A.M. Homes starring Glenn Close and Dermot Mulroney. Moving over to television, she directed an episode of Six Feet Under for HBO. Her latest project is a series about the lesbian community in L.A. called The L Word, which premieres January 2004, on Showtime. (Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide -