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Sex Robot Conversation

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Jane Doe: (10:38:29 PM) 6!

Leena Sethe: (10:38:42 PM) is this the right group?

Jane Doe: (10:38:42 PM) andddd 5

Jane Doe: (10:38:46 PM) yup

Jane Doe: (10:38:49 PM) this is the one

MaxThorner: (10:38:50 PM) thank. god.

topgleek32: (10:38:55 PM) so who wants to help me make a sex robot?

Jane Doe: (10:39:04 PM) I hate you

topgleek32: (10:39:39 PM) ok from here on out character

MaxThorner: (10:39:50 PM) honestly i don't really know much about sex bots...

topgleek32: (10:40:01 PM) I know what they should do

MaxThorner: (10:40:05 PM) but they might be my only option

Jake Biracet: (10:40:06 PM) ya i only came here cuz im bored

MaxThorner: (10:40:08 PM)

Jake Biracet: (10:40:12 PM) dude you need to get laid!

MaxThorner: (10:40:20 PM) i knowww

MaxThorner: (10:40:28 PM) having issues with that

Jake Biracet: (10:40:30 PM) wish i could help u bro

topgleek32: (10:40:30 PM) build a sex bot!

MaxThorner: (10:40:41 PM) i wish you could too

Jane Doe: (10:40:50 PM) eww why don't you two do it already

Jake Biracet: (10:40:55 PM) yea well i dont swing that way

topgleek32: (10:40:59 PM) sure

evan tibbs: (10:41:00 PM) i've always wanted to see one

Jane Doe: (10:41:02 PM) which way is that?

MaxThorner: (10:41:08 PM) i....don't know if i swing that way.....

Jake Biracet: (10:41:17 PM) GAY

evan tibbs: (10:41:21 PM) for robots?

evan tibbs: (10:41:33 PM) i think sex with robots is totally new age

topgleek32: (10:41:35 PM) i would would swing for robots

Jake Biracet: (10:41:39 PM) w/e who am i talkin 2 neways?

MaxThorner: (10:41:41 PM) how do you know if you're gay?

evan tibbs: (10:41:52 PM) i mean we have virtual sex, phone sex, why not have sex with robots too?

Jane Doe: (10:42:01 PM) mmm sex

topgleek32: (10:42:03 PM) EXACTLY

MaxThorner: (10:42:12 PM) wouldn't know, i'm a virgin :-/

Jake Biracet: (10:42:16 PM) i dont want 2 get my dick electrocuted!

topgleek32: (10:42:20 PM) i don't like sex with people. it is SO MESSY

MaxThorner: (10:42:26 PM) @jake - ouch

Jane Doe: (10:42:26 PM) I love sex

Jane Doe: (10:42:31 PM) guess Id be willing with a robot

Jake Biracet: (10:42:35 PM) ew quit bein a fag!

evan tibbs: (10:42:42 PM) we could totally make money off of it

topgleek32: (10:42:44 PM) you could make it look however you wanted

topgleek32: (10:42:52 PM) like those love dolls

topgleek32: (10:42:57 PM) the ones you order online

Jake Biracet: (10:43:06 PM) u guys r pathetic

topgleek32: (10:43:08 PM) you can pick their hair color and everything!

evan tibbs: (10:43:10 PM) its ethically wrong to have sex with someone for money, right? but a robot isnt a

MaxThorner: (10:43:24 PM) i kinda wanna try a sex bot cuz i've never really wanted to have sex with a girl....

Jane Doe: (10:43:31 PM) I dunno I'm still more interested in a real live woman!

Jake Biracet: (10:43:31 PM) r u a girl?

topgleek32: (10:43:36 PM) i would make mine look like rachel from glee... or puck

evan tibbs: (10:43:41 PM) reality is relative man.

Jane Doe: (10:43:48 PM) WE LOST SOMEONE!

Jane Doe: (10:43:50 PM) AGAIN!!!

Jane Doe: (10:43:53 PM) fuck this shit

Jake Biracet: (10:44:02 PM) who gives a shit

MaxThorner: (10:44:07 PM) evan that is some new age shit

Jake Biracet: (10:44:21 PM) yea i dont know wtf ur talking about

MaxThorner: (10:44:22 PM) no one in mississippi talks like that

Jane Doe: (10:44:34 PM) I am neither a man nor a woman

Jake Biracet: (10:44:39 PM) can we get back 2 talkin bout robot pussy??? plz

Jake Biracet: (10:44:44 PM) wtf r u then???

Jane Doe: (10:44:52 PM) none of your fucking business thats what I am

Jake Biracet: (10:45:05 PM) damn its just the internet calm down

MaxThorner: (10:45:21 PM) it's cool jane, i think i can relate

Jake Biracet: (10:45:39 PM) well do u have a dick or not??

MaxThorner: (10:45:44 PM) sometimes i feel like i should have been born a girl

MaxThorner: (10:45:52 PM) then things would make so much more sense

topgleek32: (10:46:11 PM) i want to have both!

Jake Biracet: (10:46:12 PM) wait so ur a dude but u wanna b a chick?

Jane Doe: (10:46:13 PM) don't act like you understand me

Jake Biracet: (10:46:22 PM) have both wut?

topgleek32: (10:46:28 PM) how much fun would that be

topgleek32: (10:46:30 PM) both parts

MaxThorner: (10:46:38 PM) maybe build a robot with both parts

Jake Biracet: (10:46:40 PM) y would that b fun?

MaxThorner: (10:46:47 PM) then you wouldn't have to choose someone with one or the other

Jake Biracet: (10:46:55 PM) i dont get this sexbot shit

Jane Doe: (10:47:01 PM) I don't either...

Jake Biracet: (10:47:08 PM) yea but if im with a chick i dont want her to have some man parts going on

Leena Sethe: (10:47:19 PM) that's an intersting place to come into

MaxThorner: (10:47:23 PM) well that's why a sex bot would be good

MaxThorner: (10:47:30 PM) it's not a real "chick"

topgleek32: (10:47:38 PM) it is so much better!

Jane Doe: (10:47:39 PM) what's this sex bot gonna be made of?

topgleek32: (10:47:46 PM) synthetics

MaxThorner: (10:47:47 PM) but i guess i wouldn't know given my lack of sexual experience

topgleek32: (10:47:48 PM) and wires

Jake Biracet: (10:47:51 PM) ya i mean would it even feel real?

topgleek32: (10:47:54 PM) i dunno

evan tibbs: (10:47:57 PM) i want to create a robot that transforms with your sexual your arousal...and imagination.

MaxThorner: (10:47:59 PM) wires? ouch

evan tibbs: (10:48:01 PM) it can change sexes during sex, dudes.

evan tibbs: (10:48:03 PM) it'd be awesome.

MaxThorner: (10:48:10 PM) woah evan that'd be awesome

Jake Biracet: (10:48:12 PM) i only imagine hot bitches come on!

Leena Sethe: (10:48:18 PM) but it might ruing the way people view sex with real people

Jane Doe: (10:48:23 PM) I dunno...the idea of sex without the personal connection doesn't sound too appealing

Jake Biracet: (10:48:35 PM) but i guess itd be good 4 u guys who think ur girls and guys

Leena Sethe: (10:48:47 PM) Sex trobots would merely deflate sex between humans.

topgleek32: (10:48:52 PM) no

topgleek32: (10:48:57 PM) it would be like practice

Jane Doe: (10:49:08 PM) I dunno I guess it could be a step up from masturbation

Leena Sethe: (10:49:10 PM) not if it is better than real sex, like some people are suggesting

MaxThorner: (10:49:11 PM) i mean i think it'd help some people out

Jake Biracet: (10:49:12 PM) lol i bet sum of my friends would need to practice

MaxThorner: (10:49:13 PM) (such as myself)

Jane Doe: (10:49:29 PM) sounds like a huge sex toy

MaxThorner: (10:49:31 PM) it could help you figure out what parts you want

topgleek32: (10:49:31 PM) yea

topgleek32: (10:49:40 PM) even though i want both

Jake Biracet: (10:49:51 PM) heres an idea

Jake Biracet: (10:50:00 PM) y dont you virgins meet up irl and have sex

MaxThorner: (10:50:09 PM) maybe we should

topgleek32: (10:50:13 PM) you should all give me your personal information so we can get together!

MaxThorner: (10:50:18 PM) okay everyone, a/s/l?

evan tibbs: (10:50:21 PM) and build a robot

topgleek32: (10:50:26 PM) YEA!

evan tibbs: (10:50:35 PM) i'm downnnnn

Jake Biracet: (10:50:46 PM) 19/m/nj

MaxThorner: (10:51:05 PM) 16/m/ms

Jane Doe: (10:51:10 PM) 27 from Philly

Leena Sethe: (10:51:10 PM) 17, f, fl

topgleek32: (10:51:20 PM) ok i'll start 17/m/co

Jake Biracet: (10:51:23 PM) yo philly sex?

Jane Doe: (10:51:28 PM) rather not

topgleek32: (10:51:36 PM) prude

Jake Biracet: (10:51:36 PM) y not u a lez?

MaxThorner: (10:51:42 PM) jake didn't you say you want only a chick?

evan tibbs: (10:51:53 PM) 13/m/OH

Jake Biracet: (10:52:14 PM) ya jus playin

MaxThorner: (10:52:16 PM) lol w/e

MaxThorner: (10:52:31 PM) so who wants to build this robot?

topgleek32: (10:52:34 PM) so what will our robot look like?

Jake Biracet: (10:52:39 PM) big tits

evan tibbs: (10:52:42 PM) I DO. i've already got a prototype

Jane Doe: (10:52:50 PM) no big tits

Jake Biracet: (10:52:53 PM) lol wut

MaxThorner: (10:52:53 PM) it should be ripped

MaxThorner: (10:52:56 PM) 6 pack!

topgleek32: (10:53:08 PM) medium length hair

Jake Biracet: (10:53:12 PM) omg well can we have one with big tits and one thats ripped?

Jane Doe: (10:53:14 PM) i still think this is a bad idea

Jake Biracet: (10:53:23 PM) then gtfo!

Jane Doe: (10:53:36 PM) fuck you jake

MaxThorner: (10:53:36 PM) i think we should make it with both parts

Leena Sethe: (10:53:39 PM) i think it would be interesting for science, but so imporactical in real life

topgleek32: (10:53:42 PM) yea... if you don't like sex robots why are you here?

Jake Biracet: (10:53:43 PM) u wish

MaxThorner: (10:53:49 PM) good question...

Jane Doe: (10:54:01 PM) I think the ideas interesting, don't want one myself

evan tibbs: (10:54:10 PM) i dont think we should set its gender right away

Leena Sethe: (10:54:16 PM) Yeah, i just dont think they should be available to the public

topgleek32: (10:54:18 PM) that's why both parts!

Leena Sethe: (10:54:24 PM) they'd probably do more harm than good

MaxThorner: (10:54:27 PM) but we're the public! and i want one!

topgleek32: (10:54:38 PM) i don't want it to be availbale to the public either... i would never get a turn

Jake Biracet: (10:54:38 PM) ok how bout one with both parts, one thats ripped, and one with big tits?

evan tibbs: (10:54:41 PM) nahhhh

MaxThorner: (10:54:57 PM) that's a lotta robots

MaxThorner: (10:55:07 PM) why make one with big tits?

Jane Doe: (10:55:11 PM) ne of you guys even know how to build this shit?

MaxThorner: (10:55:12 PM) there are already girls like that

MaxThorner: (10:55:18 PM)

MaxThorner: (10:55:23 PM) but topgleek seems to know

topgleek32: (10:55:23 PM) ummm...

topgleek32: (10:55:33 PM) maybe

Jane Doe: (10:55:38 PM) you guys sound like a bunch of horny nerds....sad

evan tibbs: (10:55:38 PM) i have pictures.

topgleek32: (10:55:39 PM) i could figure it out

Jake Biracet: (10:55:40 PM) yea but none of them want me

Leena Sethe: (10:55:41 PM) Where would you even get the materials

Leena Sethe: (10:55:45 PM) or the money?

Jane Doe: (10:55:55 PM) just get out there and find someone real

topgleek32: (10:56:02 PM) no

MaxThorner: (10:56:05 PM) i'm not a nerd, but i am sexually frustrated

Jane Doe: (10:56:06 PM) you know...with a pulse

Jake Biracet: (10:56:08 PM) theyre all ugly

evan tibbs: (10:56:13 PM) trade parts. don't you guys have other programs? like...we could sell them.

Jane Doe: (10:56:22 PM) jake get over yourself, you're probably not all that great looking

evan tibbs: (10:56:24 PM) shit son it'd be awesome.

Jane Doe: (10:56:28 PM) and max just jerk off or something

Leena Sethe: (10:56:31 PM) who'd be willing to sell their programs?

topgleek32: (10:56:40 PM) i would keep mine for myself

Leena Sethe: (10:56:45 PM) and how plausible is it that that would raise enough money

Leena Sethe: (10:56:47 PM) ?

Leena Sethe: (10:56:58 PM) your logistics are terrible

MaxThorner: (10:56:58 PM) i can't find someone real because my area isn't minded

evan tibbs: (10:57:07 PM) your name is dumb.

Jake Biracet: (10:57:14 PM) wtf

MaxThorner: (10:57:16 PM) yeah jake why are you even here?

Jake Biracet: (10:57:21 PM) i told u

Jake Biracet: (10:57:25 PM) im boredddd

Jake Biracet: (10:57:36 PM) u freaks r entertaining

topgleek32: (10:57:38 PM) he likes the idea of a sex robot... he probably has one and isn't sharing

MaxThorner: (10:57:43 PM) and jane I HAVE BEEN IT'S NOT HELPING

Jane Doe: (10:57:51 PM) maybe you're not doing it right

Jane Doe: (10:57:52 PM) ?

MaxThorner: (10:58:16 PM) maybe

MaxThorner: (10:58:22 PM) maybe you can help me

MaxThorner: (10:58:26 PM)

Jane Doe: (10:58:35 PM) how old are you again?

MaxThorner: (10:58:40 PM) 16

topgleek32: (10:58:46 PM) old enough

topgleek32: (10:58:48 PM) haha

Jane Doe: (10:58:48 PM) eww

Jake Biracet: (10:58:49 PM) lol

MaxThorner: (10:58:49 PM) exactly!

Jane Doe: (10:58:52 PM) hell no

Leena Sethe: (10:58:52 PM) gross

MaxThorner: (10:59:03 PM) i look like i'm 19 if that matters

topgleek32: (10:59:05 PM) max's legal in most states

topgleek32: (10:59:15 PM) max is*

MaxThorner: (10:59:20 PM) true

Jake Biracet: (10:59:24 PM) i am 19 if ne1 wants it

Leena Sethe: (10:59:25 PM) ewww

Jane Doe: (10:59:33 PM) damn u guys are pathetic

topgleek32: (10:59:36 PM) depends you wanna send pics?

MaxThorner: (10:59:42 PM) i bet jake's really some 13 year old WOW nerd

Jake Biracet: (10:59:42 PM) u 1st

Jane Doe: (10:59:54 PM) or a 50 year old perv

topgleek32: (10:59:56 PM) chat me in private then

Jake Biracet: (11:00:03 PM) yea rite i dont even kno what world of warcraft is!

topgleek32: (11:00:10 PM) i'm not sending these pics to the whole group

Jake Biracet: (11:00:12 PM) ok ill pm u ;)

MaxThorner: (11:00:15 PM) hahaha then how'd you know what WOW stood for??

Jake Biracet: (11:00:23 PM) fu i heard it around

Leena Sethe: (11:00:24 PM) how did you know WOW stood for world of warcradt>

MaxThorner: (11:00:32 PM) lol fail

Jake Biracet: (11:00:51 PM) w/e i jus came here bc i dont have ne1 to talk to

MaxThorner: (11:00:57 PM) clearly

Jake Biracet: (11:01:09 PM) and u guys r so mean to me

topgleek32: (11:01:17 PM) i haven't been mean!

MaxThorner: (11:01:25 PM) i'm just honest

Jake Biracet: (11:01:27 PM) not u :)

topgleek32: (11:01:34 PM) i'm

Leena Sethe: (11:01:34 PM) some people need to har mean things

Jane Doe: (11:01:40 PM) I wouldn't mind being mean...fuck off jake, clearly a loser

MaxThorner: (11:01:42 PM) but i'm sorry, i don't mean to be mean

MaxThorner: (11:01:59 PM) i'm just kind of confused about everything right now

topgleek32: (11:02:41 PM) I think everyone here is confused

MaxThorner: (11:02:48 PM) yeah evidently

Jane Doe: (11:02:51 PM) not confused ne more

Jane Doe: (11:02:55 PM) you guys are a bunch of losers

Jane Doe: (11:02:58 PM) who are horny

Jane Doe: (11:03:00 PM) need to get laid

MaxThorner: (11:03:04 PM) jane if we suck so much why are you here???

topgleek32: (11:03:10 PM) not the idea of this chat

Leena Sethe: (11:03:16 PM) yeah, not the point

MaxThorner: (11:03:17 PM) and yes i know i need to get laid, goddamn!

topgleek32: (11:03:19 PM) if you don't like us then leave

topgleek32: (11:03:28 PM) we just wanted somewhere to talk about sex robots

Leena Sethe: (11:03:32 PM) yeah

Jake Biracet: (11:03:38 PM) lol i luv topgleek32

Leena Sethe: (11:03:39 PM) it's a discussion, not a personal ad

Jane Doe: (11:04:08 PM) i like pissing people off

Jane Doe: (11:04:10 PM) gets me off

Jane Doe: (11:04:13 PM) so fuck you all

MaxThorner: (11:04:27 PM) please do

Jake Biracet: (11:05:13 PM) gtg

topgleek32: (11:05:21 PM) me too

MaxThorner: (11:05:27 PM) same

MaxThorner: (11:05:28 PM) peace

Jake Biracet: (11:05:39 PM) get at me topgleek

Jane Doe: (11:06:01 PM) I hate all of you

Jane Doe: (11:06:02 PM) later




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