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RL social construction

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 Simone De Beauvoir was adamant in her conviction that people and gender are constructed by our experiences and the influences of the society in which we live. As our world becomes more digital and interconnected, how we experience the world is changing. For some, like the character Zaboo in the web series The Guild, they have experienced life primarily through technology.   The guild is much fuller and more worthy of examination than I will be able to give it but for the purposes for this web paper I will focus on the character Zaboo. With the new media, consumers are the producers of entertainment and therefore the shows are more reflective of the confusion and inaccuracy of the unified media depiction of gender and adulthood. Zaboo in particular would be of interest to Simone De Beauvoir because his foray into the RL (real life) world and his attempts to understand and master concepts of manhood clearly show not only his own social construction, but also what societal messages he is receiving. This video is a mash-up of this process.



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music videos

 these are two videos the show The Guild have put out.  The first is mentioned in Sherry Turkle's new book Alone Together.


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