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Riki and Cara and Merlin - Teknolust

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Ruby wanted to become human and she formed attachments with men even though she wasn't supposed to. But Rosetta stone also became more human herself. There is a theme here which seems to suggest a reliance on men. 


It seems like there would in reality be a better way for the cyborgs to get the proteins they needed to survive. Why did Rosetta stone make it have to be that way. What is the relevance between the death of her family and the virus? 


The different colored rooms were strange.They seemed to spend a lot of time in the blue or green room. Why did she choose those particular colors of the film and what do those colors represent? For example, red = sexual scenes..





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I immediately saw the colors as a link to the digital world where colors are often represented in RGB. I was kind of disappointed when Sandy's world wasn't CMYK, it would have been a great effect.

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Re: Colors

I also saw the connection of RGB and the digital world, but I think it went a lot further than that as well. RGB did provide the basis, but it seems like Hershman-Leeson wanted to take those colors further, and perhaps convey the fact that they "color" or lives and our personalities (similar to the previous post on women's personalities).

We see that Marinne is blue and her character is preoccupied with entering into the "human" world, leading to her depression at certain points when she feels trapped. Similarly, Ruby symbolizes lust and the passion, and it's interesting that her character is the one that adapts the best--she is able to enter into the human world and eventually find her soul mate. It is almost as if (as mentioned in other posts) the fact that passion is many times seen as a human quality, one that lacks premeditation and is acted upon suddenly, that she can be the most human--she has the innate ability to make her own decisions an act rashly at times (when she decides to save Olive and Marinne). Olive is more difficult to understand. Her green color seems to evoke an idea of infancy and "nature" she has not as many desires as Ruby or Marinne and seemingly follows along with what either Ruby or Marinne want. Suggestions for a better interpretation for Olive... ? I'm grasping at straws for this one.

As far as the walls being blue/green, it seems to also convey the fact that they feel trapped within their rooms (blue) and that they seem to regress to child-like states when in these rooms (green), dancing around to please their creator Rosetta and often sleeping or waiting for the next time she contacts them.

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 With the colors, it seems

 With the colors, it seems like there were was a parallel between the three separate primary personality types and also the primary colors as representative of the base templates for female personality. Maybe these personalities represent the personalities that Rosetta Stone lacks. She didn't really have any personality.

Usually with primary colors, several are used to create more complex shades. Maybe this is a metaphor for personalities, in that several combined would have created more interesting and dynamic characters. 


Reliance on Men and female stereotypes:

The way the portrayed Ruby was with a lack of agency. 

Rosetta stone's boss was a man and Sandy's mom's job was to take care of him.


At first, it doesn't seem to fit into the Feminist Film category...
Even though the cyborgs were female in contrast to the male frankenstein. 



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