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Introducing Anne and her Relationship to the Technology of Time

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So, I'll kick off the introductions. I'm Anne; you can find out more about my academic interests on my college homepage; on the personal side, I'm a Quaker in a secular culture; a 4x mom (and just this fall a 2x mother-in-law, and this spring upcoming: a GRANDMOTHER!!!) here amongst 20-somethings; a commuter from midtown Philly who lives a good deal of the time on a farm in Virginia (when I'm not living in some fictional world or another, which is where I actually spend most of my time).

All that aside, I'm finding it a little bit hard to answer my own prompt here: I'm thinking of traditional "feminine" technologies that are important to me (I love to cook; and and I knit); of contemporary and to-me-ungendered ones (I live on/in my computer); and of how others, like the train, and its unremitting but also unpredictable schedule, have become increasingly important to me recently.

But I think I want to focus, for a moment here, on the clock: I'd like to meditate on the technologies of time--how it's kept; how it can expand or contract, independent of the clock; the ways in which I am driven by it and find myself free of it. Consider these, for example, these two contrasting representations of time:  Carolus Linnaeus' Floral Clock (which attends to the sleep of plants), and what my schedule looks like on Zimbra this week (when very little sleep is happening!)



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Hi! My name is Julia and I am a Fine arts major. The MIG welding machine has been the most influential piece of technology in my life, but I guess that is because I need it to finish my thesis. I had never done any metal work before coming to Bryn Mawr, so when I started taking sculpture classes and learned to weld my life changed completely. I had come into college thinking that I would study history of art, but only take studio art classes when I had extra time. The first time I used the MIG welder I knew that I was not meant for a life in regular academic classes. This is not the newest technology, but I've never been the most up to date person with technological advances. This is why I have not and will not buy a smart phone. I have a simple, free with your new plan, flip phone. I was kind of upset when I had to upgrade to a camera phone. The reason I don't like smart phones is because I like having some alone time. I despise the idea of having a phone that can take pictures/videos, check your facebook, search the internet, and worst of all send you e-mail updates. I don't judge others for having them, but I really like having my space and not having every aspect of my life following me around. I don't think I would ever get one over the course of this class.

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