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Humanity as a weakness?

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Wednesday class panel featuring different (primarily) imaginary figures was extremely interesting and fun. It was amusing to see how we struggled categorizing each other, with the exception of analyzing one another on the basis on violence. I wonder if the entire class were to participate if this theme would have persisted. For my character personally (Wolverine) I found the following concepts challenging and intriguing:




Role of technology


Am I a monster?


Sexuality- family,


Representation in animation and hollywood


Am I a creations or critiques?


Do I consider my/ourselves human?




All of the concepts play a role in understanding my (Wolverine) and other characters’ identities. The question of humanity is the most vital I think. As imaginary creatures, should humanity be held on to OR is it a weakness?



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the ultimate question

 I think what you are asking is the basis for some of the best science fiction and fantasy novels and movies.  It always starts out in small increments, repairing debilitating disabilities to purging undesirable traits and limitations.  At some point something is lost.  Do we lose our humanity as we switch out our body for machine or is it in the mind?  And is our mind's desire to constantly improve itself enough to remain human when it has tampered with its physical presence in the brain?  I guess where we draw the line depends on what we think humanity is, and even more so, what we value about it.

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