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Ekthorp, Shin1068111, and Hillary G

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 In our group of 3 (ekthorp, shin1068111, and Hillary G), we discussed the following ideas as being the most interesting observations: 

- How the virus infected the men and their computers at the same time

- The unique use of colors, and how mostly primary (but also some secondary) colors were used

- The fragmentation of the scientist into 3 different parts (how each self had a different personality, yet they were all her). Also how sexuality and intimacy was represented in her clones vs. in her "real" life. 





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  Virus: Integration of men


Integration of men and technology

Reinforces the danger of minds connected to the Internet

Technology potentially makes us weaker?


Fragmentation of scientist:

            Multiple selves within us all

            How technology can create different personas within us and on different websites

            The colors may represent different aspects of the self that crave different things in life.  

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