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Communication Technology

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          When I think of historical and contemporary examples of technology that have significantly impacted the human race, the first things that come to mind are computers, cell phones, mp3 players, cameras, radios, cars, and airplanes. While looking at this list I noticed an interesting pattern. Most of these “pieces” of technology somehow directly relate to the idea of communication. Human beings are social creatures, and it is no wonder that our attitudes toward technology reflect this.  

           I find it interesting that our most significant technological advances have been measured by way of advancing communication abilities in some way. Computers, cell phones, and radios serve as methods through which we can give or receive information. Cars and airplanes have given us the ability to transport ourselves to other places, often in order to interact or communicate directly with some person(s), place, or thing. Musicians can communicate with people easily and often through music downloading and mp3 players, which allows people to also share music with each other. Cameras serve as a method of communication of memories through images.

            Improving communication, in its various forms, seems to be one of the most important motivations behind developing new technologies. These methods affect people’s daily personal lives more drastically than other pieces of technology, and thus seem to make the most significant impacts on society as a whole. For example, the loss of a phone, computer, or car can severely hinder our lives. Following this observation, it is evident that we are heavily reliant on the success of communication-based technologies in order to function as a successful society. 




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