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Revisiting an Issue

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An important theme in our course discussions is the relationship between authorship and identity.  We have talked about how the internet allows a sense of anonymity for the author.  However, there are many examples of the "outing" an online personna by connecting an blog author to biographical details about a life.  There is a secondary sort of "outing" connecting a blogger's description of a character to an actual person.  A LiveJournal rant about an ex-girlfriend created an enormous amount of drama in my group of friends when they realized her identity.  Our class questioned a previous visitor about her decision to include someone in her travel blog and post pictures without informing the woman.  So I guess I'm raising these questions again...

I recognize the name of Geeky Mom blog and the way she references her family as a gesture towards anonymity.  However, Geeky Mom’s name can be found by perusing several of the links she includes in her blog entries.  What I find intriguing is this partial anonymity and the personal nature of her blog.  She describes not only herself, but, her immediate family: Geeky Dad, Geeky Girl, and Geeky Boy.  So I wonder how these geeky relative feel about being portrayed in a blog.  Are they happy about it?  Is this blog a high-tech cousin of the family scrapbook?  Are they concerned about their privacy?  Do they read, discuss, and suggest input to the blog?  How much is the blog a representation of Geeky family as opposed to Geeky Mom? 


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