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This Week's Work: Mar. 14th – Mar. 21st

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Sunday (Mar. 16th):

ECON: (before bed) please choose a meeting slot in the Week 8 block in the Working with Economic Data Moodle site.

ENGL: (by 5pm) Read through the plans for our story slam, reflect on them, and post
* any further thoughts about the general plan (goals, shape of the whole)
* suggested date and time of day, and
* volunteer for the work you want to do 
(including any additional committees you want to propose).

––Complete Mid-Semester feedback and email to Sophia A., by midnight––

Monday (Mar. 17th):

ECON: Prepare for class– Review or  complete the  Week 7 Tasks. I’ve reset the Sapling Learnng problem sets to be due Monday at 3am.

EDUC: Read Sobel, Children and Nature, chap. 3; Louv, “De-Central Park” (password-protected file)

ENGL: discussing Dorceta Taylor's visit, 
and Ruth Ozeki. Part V. All Over Creation (pp. 243-309)

Wednesday (Mar. 19th):

ECON: I’ll provide a link to reading by Monday night. Please bring your laptop to class.

EDUC: Read Sobel, chap. 6

ENGL: finish Ruth Ozeki. Part VI. All Over Creation. Picador, 2003 (pp. 311-417)
and discuss our last set of papers on "porosity," in these small groups:
SimonaLisaKelseyaphorisntsmilewithsh/ JoAgathaSophia/ SaraJessicaJenna.

–– 360 Dinner Tonight, 6:30pm –– 

Friday (Mar. 21st):

Field Trip to Wissahickon. Before embarking, please preview Wissahickon Valley Park,
focusing especially on the history, the geology, the dams and statues, and the bridges.

•Be working on your creative projects!•


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