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Class Notes 4/25/2011

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 Class Notes 4/25/2011

“The Alienation of Play” and Performing

            From the Forum:

                        Werner Herzog:           

                                    Resistance to knowing too much

                        Ongoing conversation with Michael Chorost:

                                    Dangers of Privacy

                                    Protecting data and becoming more aware

                        Reactions to Tron

                                    Isos- breaking down the barrier

                                    Tension between users and programs

                                    Breaking binaries and redefining differences

                                    Gamers and Tron

                                    Why do people play video games:

                                                Stress relief, back ground, relationships, rewarding nostalgia

                                    Larger economies of gaming

            Ender’s Game and Anda’s Game

                        Gold Farming:

                                    Selling real good for money

                                    Buying with real money virtual money

                                    The world is not flat- gaming does not give everyone equal access

                                    Cautionary tales about the cost of gaming- e-waste, sweatshops, gold farming

                                    Social contract, interactions

                                    BFG- tradition vs. online world


Marina & Merlin

Subconsciously made to make sense and make order out of chaos in world

How the human brain makes sense out of random information

Poem generator:

            Brain naturally creates patterns emulated by poem generator

Apo & tangerines

             Play the reflects the way different roles and positions handle with natural disasters

            Deals with information, and the importance of handling information



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