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Preparing to Hibernate

Susan Anderson's picture

When I set out for my site sit today, some part of me is happy that this is my last one.  It is Sunday morning and everything is grey, everything is cold, and everything is wet.  I did not start out happy sitting under the bench near the labyrinth.  The only thing that cheered me up is, "At least I don't have to do this any more.  It's getting too cold for this."  But then, of course, I realized what it really means that this is my last site sit.  No more medatative hours just watching the world do its thing.  No more little squirrels hopping about.  No more labyrinth watching.  So maybe while it's cold I will keep away from any site sitting, but when the world warms again for spring maybe I'll come out of hibernation and enjoy the peace that is a site sit.