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Class Notes for 4/20

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Class Notes for 4/20
Reactions to Lady Gaga:

phreNic -- The image is not necessarily empowering. She's the motorcycle. You ride motorcycles...


m. aghazarian's letters to dead people post -- who is the master and who is the creator when you use technology?

check out merlin's post about a complicated idea involving nanobots


Anymore thoughts on Bloodchild?

Hilary: do others think the interpretation is useful? (humans as technology and technology as humans)

the message is that technology is something you can have intimate personal relationships with; emotions tied into technology

Anne: each of us is technology that enables others to do things

phreNic: we view technology as not having a choice. Dehumanizing of people to technology bothers phreNic.

Liz: thinking about issues of trust

Anne: can you trust that which is automated? Can trust only happen between humans or can it happen across the human -- machine divide?


moving on... TRON! split into 4 groups -- make a visual of the relationship between the movie and the course

Anne + Liz: destruction; exploded our presumptions about gender, technology, science, information

ekthorp's group: digital world mirrors and takes from reality; virtual world bleeds into real world; despite wanting to blur lines, we still categorize

jlebouvier's group: portray the split between the virtual and real worlds -- half in, half out; everyone has a foot in both worlds; it's traumatizing to go back in forth so they want to keep the distinction

aybala's group: technology used for entertainment gets out of hand; integration of technology and humans

rubikscube's group: imperfect disc with trees blurring into buildings, which represent the real and virtual worlds, respectively; woman in a trashcan; god in the middle




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