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Class note for 04/18

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Class Notes
-       Ordinary language

o    Bidirectional function

-       Efficiency of technological conversations

o    We don’t need ambiguous languages

-       Efficiency & ambiguity?

o    Efficiency = accuracy of communication?

§ It is possible to be accurate & inefficient

§ Efficiency could increase ambiguity

§ We expect it to be more accurate and do not try to find out if it is accurate or not

§ Efficiency = quickness

-       Observations are affected by prior interpretations

o    What you can see is determined by what you use

-       Teknolust

o    Interesting cross over between virtual and real

-       Small group discussion about bloodchild

o    Take observations -> interpretations with multiple different angles

o    Interpretations posted (link)

-       Large group discussion

o    Giving birth to your own species

o    Description of the birth

§ How is it different from human birth?

o    Power issues (independence…)

§ Power imbalance

·         Birth was unnatural

·         Restrictive in everyway

o    Gender -> if racial?

§ It is easier to interact when the topic is gender

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