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Bloodchild - interpretations and observations

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From: m.aghazarian, smile, marina, hilary_brashear

Interpretation: Commentary on complications of interdependent relationships. Role of technology outside of a binary and how it brings a personal aspect into these relationships between humans and technology. Metaphor for relationship between humans and technology (in story humans represent technology; the creatures represent us).


-          Not slave/master relationship, but interdependency. Gan has affection for T’Gatoi even though pain is involved. More complicated relationship than master/slave.

-          Are there male creatures? She mentioned females, sterile females

-          Pregnant male story

-          People used as surrogates/technology.

-          Guns are outlawed, but the family still has some. Using technology in order to defend selves from being used as technology

-          Use of creatures’ eggs to keep humans young. (Connection to plastic surgery? A need to get away from interdependence?) Father eats eggs much more readily than mother does.




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