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Class Notes-12/2

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 Email a meeting time for the final paper

Sign up for group members on Tuesday

-youtube video- you should watch this!

-links to more creative writing projects, changing paradigms

-conversation about Karl Sagan’s skepticism- crickets!

-TyL-should question, especially if it feels right

-aya-it would be exhaustive, science looks for an endpoint

EVD-endpoint-we are escaping this demon haunted world through constant investigation

Anne: Use value of Demon Haunted World

FatCatRex- difference between right and wrong, lying and telling the truth

SandraGandarez-question what your doctor tells you.

Aya-especially medication

SandraGandarez-sense of urgency, did not question doctor

kgould no one is solely a divergent thinker, divergent and standardized thinker

Reading of quotes from Class Notes

Anne: What does Sagan do to our use of “” on “fact..”


What is Coles education-two teachers, diagnose in a rush, tell a story

Different tone between Coles and Sagan

platano- Cole-personal journey of interpretation of stories, there is a shared collectivity

Story Time !-See posts



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