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Art and Science... Great Gallery Exhibit from 2010

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I thought others might enjoy images from a 2010 exhibit at Princeton called "Art of Science". They're really quite fascinating and beautiful.

From the "About" page:

"The Art of Science exhibition explores the interplay between science and art. These practices
both involve the pursuit of those moments of discovery when what you perceive suddenly
becomes more than the sum of its parts. Each piece in this exhibition is, in its own way, a
record of such a moment.

This is the fourth Art of Science competition hosted by Princeton University. The 2010
competition drew more than 115 submissions from 20 departments. The exhibit includes work
by undergraduates, faculty, research staff, graduate students, and alumni."

What's most interesting to me is that none of these images were created "to be art"... in light of our discussions of what information and music are, I now pose the question...what is art? I think these images are artistic, but do they "count" as art if they weren't created with an artistic intention? Food for thought...




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