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Elizabeth13: A Conversation with a Haverbro

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For this week's assignment, I thought I would try to describe ecofeminism to a hypothetical male Haverford

student. But, seeing as I'm a teenager, I did it on 


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It seems I need to add you as

It seems I need to add you as a friend to access the facebook page.

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The Document

The pictures are rather small in the word document, but you can stretch them to make them bigger! (I just didn't want to post a document with pictures coming off of the sides!)

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Hey, there!

Turns out, getting pictures on Serendip is something that I have yet to completely master--sorry about that!

Hopefully, the attachment should be more legible. If you that doesn't help, this link might ( if you have a facebook (you can also just friend "Cahier Esem" on facebook, and I'll make sure you can see it). Also, I've made a Google Drive document with all of the pictures.

If you can't really see things, or can't access them, please let me know, and I'll try to get them to you!