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minecraft day 4

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Struggle: I got stuck in a cave for a little while because I went too far into it and then I couldn't see anything at all and couldn't figure out how to get out because there was no light. Eventually I got out by just randomly moving my cursor, and pressing w and the space bar.

Accomplishment: I accidentally jumped off of a pretty high cliff which placed me at the bottom of the mountain. This was a problem becasue my crafting table and chest were at the top of the mountain. I explored around a little bit but I couldn't see an easy way to get back up to the top because it was more of a cliff than a hill with different levels to jump up onto. So, I realized that I could break the blocks to form a stair type of thing on the side of the mountain so I could reach the top. And I did! And I found my supplies again!

Observation: It started raining while I was playing today! I am not exactly sure what happens when you get wet, but I am assuming that it is probably better to be dry than to be wet so I went into a cave that I knew was nearby for shelter and waited there until the rain passed.

Question: My next step is to figure out how to build a house. So, my question is... how do you build a house?


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Minecraft day 5, October 30th

a) It's been five days, and I still can't make anything our of wood besides buttons. I still can't find any other materials, so I still can't make tables or pick-axes. I also cannot eat anything besides apples ( and those seem to be hard to come by now). It's a shame that I can't just eat mushrooms, since there are a lot of those around. First I die of zombies, and now I struggle with the threat of starvation. 

b) I was ablt to move sucessfully to a different area in the creative mode (without forgetting how to fly and how to land) in order to clear a new land and plant a new batch of flowers. 

c) I still see animals in the single player mode, only this time I am not able to kill them, which is nice because I don't want to hurt anything in this game. 

d) I'm no good at building houses, and yet I still wonder how anyone can make a palace? I see different exhibitions of fan-made recreations of famous fictional locations such as the castle of Hyrule, and I wonder how do they do it?