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minecraft day 3

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Today I was able to access the multiplayer game and finally interact in that world. I began the game with a few resources in my inventory and started to collect a few other things, but it was a little hard to find any worthwhile resources since we spawn in a place where there is just a lot of desert and there are not really any trees left. So, I went on a search for trees! It took a while to find some and I have to travel across lakes and up and down mountains until I finally found them. (Luckily I also found some pigs and cows along the way so I didn't starve.) I had been making pretty good progress and collecting more resources when I sadly fell straight off a cliff and to my death! :-( I was obviously really upset! I didn't even know that was possible! And of course, I lost all of the things that I had just been collecting and had to start all over again from the spawning point. But, I knew I couldn't give up, so I started out into the "world" again. I traveled for what seemed like a while, including swimming through rivers and climbing up mountains again, but I found an area with tons of animals and lots of trees, so I began collecting both items. I was able to finally make a table and a chest. I was a little bit concerned about just putting these down where I was because I knew that if I was killed again there would be absolutely NO way I would find them. However, I figured that if I die I will lose all of my supplies anyways, so I just did it anyways. I also am a little bit concerned about being super isolated up on my mountain all by myself with no idea how to get back to the center of the world. But, I figure that for now I would rather focus on collecting supplies and figuring out the basics of the game, rather than interacting with other people and being in the center. 

I can already see how this game can be addicting. I don't even enjoy it that much, but I still just started playing and couldn't stop! I think that it has to do with the exploration and curiosity that the game requires and stimulates. And also probably the satisfaction of finally being able to figure different things out!

Another accomplishment: I found coal!


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MC day 4

I agree with your remark about the game being addictive due to all the opportunities in it to explore. At first, I didn't really like it either and I was annoyed even by the basic controls that we had to keep track of. Over time, I was happy to play around with whatever I knew. I died a couple of times just because I hadn't figured out how to gather food but kept gathering wood anyway.

There is possibly, a bit more to the addiction than exploration and delayed gratification. I think the parameters of the game themselves challenge something deeper in us. The game wants us to survive in a world where there is an ever-increasing host of resources and creative potential. On the one hand, the environment in the game is a powerful metaphor for surviving in the real world. Since the game is virtual, it can teach us about survival without putting us in any tangible danger. We briefly discussed in class about the potential of MC as a training software. I was thinking however, if we would be nearly as invested in it, if the multiplayer option wasn't there? Would this game have been just as gratifying if we had to post a snapshot of the game on Facebook to showcase something cool we made on MC? Is part of the appeal being able to create something extraordinary and share it with fellow MC players?

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minecraft day 4, October 29th

a) I have realized that I am no good at building or planning houses. I tried creating a pink house, but I realized that the area would be too small for a home. I look to the homes already there in survival mode and I just wonder how long it must have took each player to build one of those. I feel a little jealous. 

b) But if there is one thing I'm good at, it is planting flowers and cutting down grass. I tried to continue my red poppy field and I wanted to move on to pink. At least I've been able to clear areas. It seems that I'm better at interacting with the plant life in this game. 

c) Time in a video game always goes by a lot more quickly than time in the real world. Whether it's minecraft of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, games with a time system always speed up the hours of the day by a longshot. It's amazing how one day passes in the game world when it's only been around a quarter of a hour in real life. 

d) I wonder if I could ever change the color of the trees? I guess I wanted pink trees to suit my pink palace theme, but since I can't build for the life of me, I'll stick to creating a bunch of flower fields instead. I like natural beauty anyway.