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Field Journal - Week 1

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My group and I have yet to go to our placement, but I think that we will be able to start next week.  As we work past this hiccup, I need to remain patient and keep in mind that teaching is an extremely demanding and time consuming profession, with or without technology to help ease the workload. 

In the meantime, we'll continue preparing for our placement: figuring out logistical details and determining our own personal goals for the placement. Because the classrooms we'll be working in heavily incorporate iPads, my group and I are going to explore the devices' functions and capabilities. 


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Let's unpack frustration

What happens if we consider frustration as socio-political, cultural, and even as a product of education?  What is the frustration showing us about us -- I challenge you to step back and see how you are seeing, rather than only what you are seeing.  This is rich!

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That must be frustrating for

That must be frustrating for your group, but I think you have the right attitude of remaining positive and continuing to figure out the logistics. Looking at technology in the classroom and the incorporations of iPads seems interesting so hopefully this will be a rewarding placement for you.