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      This is my fourth attempt to at least master some basic skills in the game. I did drown a few times and fell in the cliff several times. I am not giving up. I have learned to be more observant of my surroundings, to stop and look around, and to plan my movements. Anyone knows how to get out from falling into a huge hall? I tried unsuccessfully to use the space bar but the hole is too deep.

    I really liked the interview with Thomas on Tuesday. He assigned the minecraft game such a high level of sophistication.


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minecraft blogging

a) I was not sure where to find the community farm, but I thought I saw this house with a chest in it, so I thought maybe that was it. It had flowers around it and some boxes, however, I am not sure if it's the right place since R said his place would be up high on a mountain.

 b) I managed to get out of that dark underground pit. I actually learned that I could also break concrete in addition to the groud and grass.

c) I can't just eat mushrooms, I'd have to make it into a soup.

d) I wonder what are we going to do about the community collaboration effort in Minecraft. 

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mine-craft blogging

a) I still am deep underground and I can't jump out of the huge pit. I can't break any of the grey blocks. I wish I could fly in this multiplayer version, but I realized that's impossible. I'm trapped.

b) I mananged to jump up all the way on top of a hill in creative mode, rather than resort to flying. I think I'm getting used to the jump command now and how and when to use it in regards to diagonally placed blocks. 

c) This game is starting to get really boring for me. I don't want to keep on planting random flowers and failing at making lovely houses in creative mode. I guess this is not really my kind of game, I prefer simpler creative games like dress-up and stuff online.

d) I've already blogged for seven days like the syllabus asked, I think. I wonder if I can stop playing/blogging soon.

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mine-craft blogging

a) I can't go back into multiplayer mode, because when I enter the game, I'm still stuck in this one dark area underground and I am quickly on the brink of total starvation. No matter which direction I turn to, no matter how much I press the space bar, I am stuck in place. I should not have destroyed so much of the ground beneath me the last time. I don't know how I'll be able to find that community center unless I die.

b) I managed to clear an entire patch of grass on a green land in creative mode. Now I can start building a new house/planting a new garden.

c) It was night time (I think, though I was underground) in multiplayer mode and daytime in single player. Huh!

d) I wonder when R and the others will start collaborating in minecraft.