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[ED250] Resources about Titagya Schools and Ghana

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Here are some resources to inform you about Titagya Schools, education in Ghana, and Ghanaian history.
Dagbani video (Note, we will practice these introductory phrases in the language of Dalun, though the pronunciation varies slightly in some respects from the video, made in a different locale. This video by a Volunteer for Sight volunteer also contains basic introductory material about the North.)

Titagya Web site

Leslie Dodson, Don't misrepresent Africa.

Chimamanda Adiche, The danger of a single story.

David Lancy, .

Peter Darvas, World Bank, Ghana Education Report

Ghana Government Official Portal,

US Dept of State background note on Ghana

Olivia Castello, the embedded librarian for our 360, has created an amazing course guide of resources about education, childhood, literacy, and development in Ghana. If you want to read on, visit .
See video