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I Was Driven to the Labyrinth by Noise - Labyrinth at night

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The siren of the art gallery in Canaday goes off out of nowhere. I am so pulled away by my work that I am very reluctant to react to the noise. There are at least thirty people on the floor. Actually NO ONE cares about it. It has been five minutes as I finish the work I am doing. The noise becomes louder and louder. Some burglar is around us and the warning bell really wants us to notice! I am finally hearing it. This turns out to be very annoying. The sound even fastened my heart beat. Shall I ask? Shall I leave? Shall I do anything? I know someone is going to fix it – within a short time – because circulation desk is making a phone call about the siren. I know I should definitely stay and work, to prepare for a better weekend. Oh, this is a struggle.  

But sorry, I just cannot stay. I am going to the Labyrinth, to calm down myself from the chaos. Unfortunately, those restless crickets just don’t know when to stop!

This has been a busy, easy, chaotic and very unusual Friday night!

(I tried to make the language playful. The language mode almost reflected the uncontrollable chaos that I experienced. I was very very upset when I walked toward the Labyrinth and realized I was not able to get there without light! This is so ridiculous because I knew the direction and it was a small area, I just could not find the right place. This is the first time I come to my spot after sunset. It is a very different experience. Because there wasn’t sufficient light around that area, I was mostly concentrated on the sounds that I heard. It was very quiet yet sounded noisy. But the noises were in fact harmonious. As I recovered from the struck of all kinds of noise, I could finally perceive that harmony. In fact, I could have felt asleep if it wasn’t that cold…)