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Continuous reflection, and other goals

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I have a few goals for the end of the semester:

  • I've been reading a lot of teachers' blogs lately, and I really want to get to the point where I blog about my experience as a personal reflective tool. I assume that most of the teachers whose blogs I read were not told that they had to blog, and it seems like a great way of processing your experience whenever you have time. I've seen similar things happen on twitter with #edchat, #ntchat, and #1stchat, but blogging can just be a record. For the rest of the year, I'm going to try to do a few shorter blog posts when I have things to say instead of gathering them all up at the end of the week.
  • I want to continue working through my narratives in Literacies of music, tech, and linguistics.
  • I want to engage more with the class community in Literacies--on twitter, here, and in person. I know that I've been spending a lot of my time looking out to the world through social media for this class, but I think more intra-class communication would help me grow more.

I'm thinking about using Storify to tell my thrice-told tale once. What storytelling method are you excited about?

--This kind of connects to my placement, just in that the students are finally starting to do some creative writing in first grade. I worked with a few children to help them get started, but one student in particular was having trouble with the idea of telling a story that wasn't from real life. I want to give him more tools to do the work without just listing possible topics. Any ideas?


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I also want to engage more on

I also want to engage more on serendip throughout the week - maybe we can be accountabili-buddies :)

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thanks for sharing

storify seems like a really cool site - I might try it out (maybe not for this project, but just in general to practice my media skills)! Thanks for pushing my technololgical ability!

To respond to your question about the kinds of storytelling I'm excited about - I'm thinking of telling my story through a series of postcards and letters, since that's a form of telling that I practice somewhat often. 

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story starters

Maybe with your student you could bring in some pictures, postcards, or maybe even do some serendipitous searching on google images.  "Deal out" three pictures, then play around taking about how a story could connect them.  Or, take a picture and cover up/black out a central part of the imagery; then ask your student to imagine two different things that could go in that spot, then tell as story to connect them?