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Notes Towards Day 13: Cripping and Excessability

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I. coursekeeping
welcome back!
any critical feminist experiences over break?!?
sheet
have responded to all your papers on-line
(so check 'em out--
you are welcome to respond to my responses, and I'll write back--
there's no reason this conversation has to stop....)

on Thursday, we'll discuss your mid-semester course evals,
and also discuss two essays, one by Judith Halberstam,
“Queer Temporality and Postmodern Geographies,"
and a response to that essay, by Ellen Samuels, "Cripping Anti-Futurity, or,
If You Love Queer Theory So Much, Why Don’t You Marry It?"
they both link queerness to questions of time--think about that?
(read Halberstam first, then Samuels' response)

this is the same Ellen Samuels who will talking @ HC @ 4:30 on Thursday on
the representation of conjoined twins, and also joining Clare, Kevin and me
@ a conference @ UDel this weekend on Disclosing Disability in/and Higher Education

II. but today! we welcome
Clare Mullaney BMC '11, and Kevin Gotkin, both grad students @ Penn,
who asked to lead a workshop on the "crip classroom","crip time," and "excessability" -->