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Eco-Rap Teach-in

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Eco Walk (parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop ft Ryan Lewis)

By Zoe Holman and Claire Johnson with special thanks to Roux

We’re gonna grab some leaves

Throw them up in the a-air

I-I-I’m searching looking for a meaning

We are eco walkers


Walk into the forest like what up I see some big trees

Little rabbits scampering around and I see some cool bees

Water on the leaves, man it’s so shiny

All the nature ‘round us seems so damn tiny

Walkin’ in, shoes all laced, headin’ to the wilderness

Dressed IN warm clothes, ‘cept my naked head, that’s a mess

Damn it’s so beautiful, deer standing next to me

Caught a quick glimpse of it, saw it go right by a tree

But shit, it’s just the way of life!

Walking in, wanderin’, cannot stop the wonderin’

Saw an old campsite someone else been bummin’ in

So why don’t we just stay the night?

I hope there are no bears in sight

We’re getting lost, falling down, can’t find my way back home

We don’t even got a map, we don’t even got a map

No for real—we’re hella lost—can we get a map out here?

So these are the lessons, we learned here:

From developing our own personal ideas

To sitting alone outside, and writing alone outside

Learned to write English good, learned to speak English good

Hello, hello, my Anne man, my teacher

Solnit, ain’t got nothin’ on our lost game, hell no

We could be pro like Thoreau, but skip the ‘tude

Even though “he’s zah cool ass dude.”


We’re gonna grab some leaves

Throw them up in the a-air

I-I-I’m searching looking for a meaning

We are eco walkers



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Rappin' uppa storm

As the co-creator of this rap, I believe I speak for both of us when I say rap writing is a complex and refined art. This was one of the most difficult creative endeavors I have ever pursued. I now have so much more respect for rappers as artistic minds--it really takes a lot of brain power. I imagine it's even more difficult when one has to lay down one's own beat.. 

We attempted, I think successfully, to incorporate some of the things in the course that stood out to us (Zoe and I), namely getting lost. Zoe recently wrote a very interesting paper on getting lost as an essential but perhaps difficult part of life, of growing older. I disagreed with her on one point, that getting lost is not something one can expect to do in college without doing poorly in school, which made this topic stand out for both of us. We were able to have some discourse and then collaborate on a creative piece using our ideas. Our sites sits also proved a place for inspiration, as in our rap we chose to venture outside into the wild, observing nature poetically--this was a running theme in both Zoe and my site sit postings. Though we didn't use any found poetry from our sits, we managed to briefly summerize our experience this fall. 

Once we wrote the rap, we practiced it over and over (and over) again, and I eventually had the whole thing down by heart if I didnt think about it too much. In common parlance, we had a blast practicing. Unfortunately this did not quite carry over into our preformance, as we both got a little nervous and rapped too fast, not keeping with the track. Sad times. I believe our message was conveyed in a satisfactory manner, however. 

I really enjoyed the teach-in day! I wish we had more opportunities like that to step out of our comfort zones for awhile and try something new. It helped me to step out of my skin and be someone else for a little bit, to experience the world from a different perspective. Very ecologially imaginative, yes?

Props to everyone who presented!