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Voting: Bryn Mawr Style

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I found this image online and thought how appropriate!  A strong Bryn Mawr female telling us to vote.

And then some radical feminist part of me thought: "She is telling us to vote, to play along with the male created systems!  And she's holding a gun!  How violent and male!"

And then I laughed at myself.



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What System Should We Vote In?

I also like this photo, but I'm also confused about what issues a radical feminist would have with it.

I wonder what radical feminism would like women to do in terms of voting. Should we refuse to vote, refuse to be a part of a process that marginalizes us, refuse to participate in the furthering of a system that doesn't recognize us equally? But if we don't vote, how else should we express ourselves politically? Should we vote, and also subvert the system--making sure to cover our bases, so we're working within the system before we are able to crush it? Or is that vote a vote for the patriarchy?

If radical feminism wants women to re-structure the patriarchal systems that are in place, doesn't it want us to do it with gusto? And does that gusto involve violence? How can we bring about violence in ways that don't involve MAN-made tools? And I wonder if that was on the mind of this Mawrter as she held that gun...