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This Week's Work: Jan. 24th – Jan. 31st

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Sunday (Jan. 26th):

ENGL: post on-line a 5-pp. description of where "home" is, where you "belong." 
Be thoughtful about your language, and consider what larger claims you might use your story to make 
(or questions you might use it to provoke), in describing your own experience.

Monday (Jan. 27th):

ECON: (postponed from January 24) Take a few minutes to brainstorm a list of the sort of facts you would want to know about a community you might be visiting or where a friend lives.  The rest of your preparation will consist of looking at what others think is important to note about communities.   Note on the sheet with your list those items you did not include and items and items others failed to include.
Read this profile of Camden’s Water Front South neighborhood
which our Eco-Literacy 360 group visited on Monday.
Read the attached profile of West Nottingham Township, where David Ross lives
Go to, enter West Nottingham township, Chester County, Pennsylvania in the search box and note the sort of community data collected by the US Census Bureau.
(After Class) Start thinking about the Profiling Your Community Assignment (attached) due February 3.  

EDUC: Read Bateson, Mind and Nature, excerpt; Sobel, Childhood and Nature, chap. 2; Baines, Urban Wildscapes, Foreword (password-protected file)

ENGL: discussion of our essays on belonging
bell hooks. Preface: To Know Where I Am Going, Chapter 1: Kentucky is my Fate, and Chapter 20: Habits of the Heart. Belonging: A Culture of Place. Routledge, 2008. 1-24, 215-223.
Eli Clare. Part I: Place. Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation. Brooklyn: South End Press, 2009.

Wednesday (Jan29th): 

ECON:(For Class) Read Taylor (Sapling Learning e-text), Ch. 1, pp. 7-8  
Taylor, Ch. 21, pp. 383-top 388, 393-396
(by 3am Wednesday) complete the National Income Accounts problem set.   Again, my goal is to get a sense of your understanding as we come together in class. 

EDUC: Read Cobb, Ecology of Imagination in Childhood, chap. 1; Daloz, Learning Toward an Ecological Consciousness, chap. 2 (password-protected file)

ENGL: Eli Clare. Part II: Bodies. Exile and Pride.
Lorenzo Triburgo, Transportraits
Ava Blitz will join us for the last 1/2 an hour of class, to help us prepare for the trip to Tinicum.

Thursday (Jan. 30th):

7:00pm Public Lecture, English House Lecture Hall: "Remaking the Landscape: The Art and Science of Ava Blitz"

Friday (Jan. 31st):  

(Before Trip) Read Kathy Boddella, The Hatred and the CourageThe Philadelphia Inquirer, October 21, 2013.
Staycation: John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. July 26, 2013.
Meet at Pem Arch at 10:00am  for John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum


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