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Towards Days 8-9 (Mon-Wed, Feb. 17-19): Working with Ava

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[images from The Barnes Foundation exhibit of Yinka Shonibare's Magic Ladders]

Mon, Feb. 17 
discussion of Shonibare's work, with Ava Blitz: critique of our documentations and reactions

Wed, Feb. 19  Ava's introduction to other eco-artists, to an eco-artist assignment,
and to the first creative project (both due March 24)

By 5 p.m. on Sun, Feb. 23 [unilateral extension til midnight Wed, Feb. 26]:
post on-line your second 5-pp. reflection about "inside/out":
what is home? exile? place? porosity? figure? ground? for you now?
What text can you draw on or analyze to bring these ideas into focus?