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Towards Day 13 (Wed, Mar. 5): Workshop with Dorceta Taylor

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I. Coursekeeping
* Spring Break is ahead!  rest up and come back healthy!

* Use it to finish Ozeki's novel, All Over Creation
(and to start the other big book ahead of us, The Hungry Tide!)

* On that first Monday back,
we will discuss Dorceta Taylor's visit,
and one another's papers; and then start to look again @ Ozeki's novel.
Think about making it into a movie:
what would be your opening and closing scenes?

II. Delighted to welcome Professor Dorceta Taylor,
mother of first year students Shaina and Justine Robinson,
author of the essay you read for today,
The Evolution of Environmental Justice Activism, Research, and Scholarship (2011).

who will be giving a public talk, @ 4:30 today, in Dalton 300,
on "Race, Class, Gender and the Environment:
The Role of Scholarship and Activism."

But first/now we pick up where we left off in Jody's class...