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smilewithsh = smile with a "sh"

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I chose to make my username what I usually use to help people pronounce my name. I really like the fact it has "smile" in it because when I was younger my nickname used to be smiley and because I really do just love smiling and laughing. It is one of my automatic responses to many things; and I feel as if my day is always made when people smile at me so I try to do the same thing back! I chose this username because it still is connected to my name and my identity, without explicity stating it. As for my image, I chose an image of 'churiya' or glass bangles found in the markets of Pakistan. I really liked this image because of how colorful and vibrant it was, it really reminded me of being in the bazaars in Pakistan full of colors, lights, and smells. The bangles are also hanging with prayers beads which I also think reflects an important part of myself that I value greatly, which is my faith.