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Reflections on The Ecological Thought

Lisa Marie's picture

Reading Morton's introduction to his text "The Ecological Thought", I was especially struck by the fact that he kept referring to this way of thinking as "Dark Ecology" or an infection or virus that ultimately " affects all aspects of life, culture, and society" (11). Morton also mentions that "a truly ecological reading practice would think the environment beyond rigid conceptual categories--it would include as much as possible of the radical openness of the ecological thought" (11). I believe this relates to what he says on later in the text--"Fixation on place impedes a truly ecological view" (26). It is important to cosider the fact the ecological thought is all encompassing of different areas of thinking as well as interactions between people and between people and their environment. Reading this text reminded me of a comment that Michael made in Camden "the environment is all around us". How can we get people to care about holding a truly ecological thought and taking care of the environment when it is "not in their backyard?" One quote by Abraham Joshua Heschel that has always resonated with me is that "few are quilty, but all are responsible". Perhaps, having more people acknowledge the ecological thought will get them to understand the role they have in protecting the environment.