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Econ 136: Week 12 Tasks

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ECON 136:  Week 12 Tasks

Looking ahead to Week 13:  There will be a Cost-Benefit Paper due Monday night, April 21.  I'll have the assignment posted after Wednesday's midterm.

Monday:  Midterm Review

Wednesday's exam is cumulative, so there will be a mix of questions like those on the first exam and questions related to material covered since then.   Bring a calculator to class and the exam.

Wednesday:  Midterm

In class starting at promptly at 10:10 ending at 11:00.  

Friday:   Flavors of Sustainability

Preparing for Class:   In this excerpt from Tietenberg & Lewis

Read the pp. 97-98, 103-104 and examples 5.1 and 5.2

Skim pp. 99-103

Tietenberg and Lewis -- Intertemporal Fairness.pdf1.55 MB