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Econ 136: Week 11 Tasks

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ECON 136:  Week 11 Tasks

Looking ahead to Week 12:  We'll have our 2nd midterm on Wednesday, April 16 in class.   April 14 will be a review session.   It will cover material we've discussed since the beginning of the semester.  I'm happy to help you as you prepare.  If my office hours don't work for you, then email me with all of the times you might be able to make work and I’m sure we can work something out.

Monday:  Endowments and Perpetual Care

Preparing for Class:

Read this brief peek at the dilemmas created by the existence of cemeteries

This Blog post is the briefest (admittedly biased and incomplete) introduction I could find to the controversy surrounding the decision to break the will of the founder of the Barnes Museum.

We all benefit from Bryn Mawr's endowment.  Skim this summary of Bryn Mawr's finances for a sense of the role of the endowment; then read this description of the College's endowment spending formula.

Wednesday:  Intertemporal Cost-Benefit Analysis

Nothing to prepare (probably)

Bring your laptop to class

Friday:   Another 360 Field Trip

Non-360:  Applying Cost-Benefit Analysis to oil drilling in the Arcitic National Wildlife Refuge

We meet in Dalton 6 at 9:10

Preparing for Class

Read this short effort to apply cost-benefit principles to proposed ANWR drilling

Skim this more detailed presentation of a second attempt.   I suggest you start with the Abstract, then turn to the Discussion (pp. 15-17), then pick and choose as time and interest allows.

360:  Laurel Hill Cemetery

Meet at Pem Arch at 10:00 sharp

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