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UPDATED message from ari rosenberg, urban farmer @ the Center for Environmental Transformation in Camden

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Hey friends,
sorry to clog your inboxes! A friend just pointed out that she was able to vote again today... so I guess you can vote at least once/day, maybe more frequently depending on how often the system resets (this is in conflict with what i was told... but it's working). You can also vote from each internet browser you have. 
So when you're bored at work think of us!
Thanks for your support!
~ ari

Hi friends, family, and long-lost acquaintances... 

I work for an organization called the Center for Environmental Transformation (in Camden, NJ) and we have been chosen as a semi-finalist for the Opal Youth Make a Difference grant. To win we need your help! 

Please vote for us at: and .... please share this with your networks (social and real-life). Each person can vote once. The winning organization will get $10,000!!!

If we win the funds will be used to support our Eco Internship program, an entry-level work opportunity for youth ages 14-19. The program uses urban gardening, cooking, and entrepreneurship as a vehicle to develop leadership capabilities among youth. For more about CFET check out our website  (you can always give directly by going here). 
Thanks for your support & Happy Spring!
~ ari