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Bundt Cake Celebration

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An interactive installation by Ava Blitz, Mellon Creative Resident for the 'Eco-Literacy' 360.
Enjoy and interact with the piece, but please respect it and do not remove anything from the site.
Thank you.

The very first Bundt Cake was made back in the 90's on Bryn Mawr's campus, outside of Arnecliffe Studio. Ave dug a hole in the ground, filled it with concrete- dug the piece out, carved it, and set it back into the depression- to be reclaimed by nature. This form has evolved over time. Carved and cast in various sizes and materials, it has occupied various environments, in the earth, on the earth, suspended in the air, and floating on water. Its interpretation is ambiguous-- nature made--human made--natural--unnatural?

The community of Bundt Cakes here is meant to be an interactive piece for the Bryn Mawr community to explore these questions. 

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