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Doubletake / The Garden 5

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I felt the presence of something numinous in the garden as I opened the door and stepped out.

There was a rustle in the brush of something just disappearing on the periphery. 

And then I saw the deer, a female, quiet, unafraid. 

She slowly walked out of the garden and behind the house.

There was a rustle in the foliage right under my feet where I had noticed only dead leaves, golden and brown and still damp from the night's rain. 

A rabbit in its Fall coat, blending with the foliage, skittered off.

And then I saw her, not too far away and not too near, so wondrous on her four paws and her tawny fur –-

a lioness right there in my garden! 

But I saw right away that one of her eyes was bloodied and bruised. 

And standing right next to her was a small boy, unknown to me, repeatedly hitting her in the eye with a club.

I became suddenly anxious, my mood shifted. 

And I worried that the lioness would tire of her own patience and turn on the child and attack him. 

But the lioness refused to use her power against the child.

And I stood in awe trying to decide what to do. 


What would you do?



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What I would do

In regards to your question of "What would you do?" I feel as though its largely dependent on who I am in your story. If I was the person observing the boy clubbing the lioness, I would stop the boy both for the sake of preventing harm from coming to either one, saving the lioness from further injury and the possibility of lashing out towards the attackers, and saving the boy from potential retaliation but also from the assumption that violence against animals was acceptable behavior. If I was the lioness on the other hand, I feel I would refrain from acting out in anger due to my injuries, lest  I continue a cycle of violence.