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A door to memory and beyond

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the picture is upside down...

Solnit wrote, “No representation is complete”, no picture can fully visualize Bryn Mawr College. However, I would like to think the picture I chose - a photo of the green in front of Thomas Great Hall on Parade Night - as a door to that magical event, to my memories and to future thrilling experiences.


For so many years has Thomas Great Hall witnessed the welcoming of new students and listened to the class song the seniors sang on the senior steps… The traditions are more than memorable and enjoyable spectacles that divert me from the intensity of study. They are crucial events that help create a sense of Sisterhood among Mawters that lasts beyond the confines of the four years of college. They are the highlights of every Mawter’s Life. When I become a grandmother, I would proudly show this picture to my grandchildren and tell them about the traditions I experienced at Bryn Mawr. Right now, I like to look at the picture to “re-experience” Parade Night and keep myself amid of expectation for more exciting college experiences.


The place I chose to revisit throughout the semester is The Fong Reading Room located in Carpenter Library. The reading room has a large window view of the vibrant trees outside. It allows me to be close to the nature while undisturbed by the bugs or vicious weather. An elaborate screen also stands against the yellow wall giving the room a sense of solemnness. The Fong Reading Room is a great place to study and reflect my experiences.






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anyone know how to rotate the picture?