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Laura and Lizzie

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When I read Goblin Market before the class discussion, I thought Laura and Lizzie were just normal sisters who look out for each other. I was actually set on the thought that they were sisters the whole time I was reading the poem. Things that Laura and Lizzie do, such as sleeping together and walking together, are activities that any sisters would do. As a younger sister, I have walked with my sister. Also, my sister and I have shared a room and slept in the same room when we were younger. As Laura looked out for Lizzie, I would looke out for my sister and protect my sister from "globins" as well.

After the class discussion, my thoughts about the relationship changed a bit. I think it is possible that Christina Rossetti was trying to portray a lesbian relationship between Lizzie and Laura. As mentioned during the discussion, the way Laura talked to Lizzie after the "Laura and Goblin incident" was pretty sensual.

In order to understand the poem better, it would be nice to discuss and estimate Laura and Lizzie's age. I also wonder why they don't have parents living in their house.

As mentioed below, I think it would be good to talk about Jeanie. I didn't completely understand the purpose that Jeanie served in this poem.