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it gets better

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This is Kate Bornstein's contribution to Dan Savage's It Gets Better campaign, which I (and a lot of people, this is a good summarization of a lot of the criticism of the campaign) have some problems with. I think, though, that Bornstein's contribution is my favorite one, and one that I actually agree with//don't think is harmful or as fraught with some issues of power, hegemony, etc. 

I'm bringing this here because in some ways, it relates to the Half the Sky movement in that it is a movement fueled by people in positions of privilege and power, with good intentions, but perhaps without too much of a critical eye to how the message is deployed/represented. 

Kate Bornstein, It Gets Better Video


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This is definitely the best

This is definitely the best of the bunch.  I like that she's realistic about there not being some magical point where it's automatically better.  It seems less preachy and more empathetic.