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article I read online

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I have been thinking about this article frequently ever since I found it online about a month ago. What most struck me initially was not the content of the article, but rather the vehement response/comments below the article (if you follow the link and scroll down you'll see these). Most people's reactions fell somewhere along the line of equating the parent's actions with some form of child abuse, or generally "screwing their child up". I did not identify with this reaction until more recently when a follow up article was published:

Only then did I start to doubt the intentions of Sasha's parents. I have always been preturbed by parents who seem to mold their children as clear extensions of themselves; I think there is a difference between making your child a part of the family and treating them as a sort of cash box used to ensure the furthering of your own self interest--in other words stuffing all of yourself down your child's throat. I have definitely encountered parents who clearly view their children as accessories--almost like the perfect addition to their dream house/dream life. I am not sure if the parents' intentions in this article are as pure as one would hope, but I am also not sure that their actions rival child abuse. Further, I am uncertain where feminism would come into play. This topic came up in a Feminst Theory class I took two years ago, and I know that no student in the class reacted as the numerous readers of this article did. Which brings up the question of exclusion and the liberal arts womens' college. Does the sheltered environment that this class is taking place within automatically exclude many relevant voices from the discussion?  At the beginning of class we named those who we would like to include at the feminist dinner table. I named Sarah Palin because I knew she would never be invited otherwise. Who else are we excluding? Would their inclusion even be helpful? Am I completely wrong? Does Sarah Palin not have a place? Has she perhaps lost that priviledge?