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Urban Dictionary

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Here is the Urban Dictionary page for "queering" that we were talking about in class: What confused me specifically was this definition of queering: "Forcible anal sex given to a man, usually by a group of 4-5 men, not for the purposes of enjoying the experience, but to teach the victim a lesson or punish him." I have never heard it defined this way before, and the violence of the definition shocked me so much so that I intially thought it was a made-up comment by someone trolling the site.  


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I think this is where urban

I think this is where urban dictionary can really go wrong. . . or maybe it is good to be able to see how some people can think such horrible things? Or how words can take on a completely different definition than what you thought it could mean. . . Here is another definition that I found. The word "convert" seems totally wrong here. No one can be "converted" into their true sexual orientation or attractive to another, it is innate.

To convert someone to the homosexual lifestyle.
After six months in jail, Andy had become theroughly queerified.