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will I only ever be able to function in normative time?

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In reading Eva's man I came to the realization that even though the structure of the book is meant to be read with time being all over the place and not structured I found myself structuring it.  I found myself organizing Eva's life into order even though Eva wasn't doing that herself.  I understood that the author structured the book this way in order to evoke more meaning and really enter a mind of someone that has been truly traumatized.  You aren't suppose to fully understand, you are just suppose to experience the book and not try to restructure it for your own better understanding.  After I read the book and completely pieced together Eva's life in an order that I understood, I stopped an thought why was I doing this?  I was doing it because that is how I have been taught to understand books and have been programed that the way for a long time.  I have been stuck in normative time for so long will I ever be able to fully escape it?