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Role model and Art

Polly's picture

A very influential and incredible friend gave me the name Polly when I was 12, so I chose it as my username. This person was the first friend I had who allowed me to be myself. Because of her openness and understanding, I changed a lot in the three years I knew her. She astounded me with just how smart she was about life, emotions, and relationships. She was empowering and brutally honest at the same time. Even though she is only a few months older than me, I looked up to her as a role model.

My avatar is a painting that my dad and I created together. I love working with colors and abstract shapes to try and make finish products that I find visually appealing. While making art with my dad, we don't have any rules other than trying to make something we like. Personally, I am trying to change how I think about gender and sexuality from what I learned from society growing up: rigid "boxes." I think that the fluidity of art is similar to the reality of gender and sexuality, and I am keen to learn more.