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Thoughts for this past Tuesday's class

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 'The Key' on pages 99-102.

I was highly disturbed and transfixed by the story of the magical golden keys that would grant a young boy access to paradise if he was "lucky enough to die." This paradise is supposed to be filled with food, women, and houses made of gold and diamonds.The young boy who recieved the key in Persepolis was just 14 when he was basically told that dying for his country would bring him women and take him to an afterlife that was "better than Disneyland." It reminded me of the Quranic tale of how muslim men are promised 72 virgins in heaven if they die as martyrs. After searching around online, I discovered that a muslim woman is promised one good, satisfying husband. I was displeased with this inequality AND the overall idea of exchanging death to recieve an implied sexual satisfaction from virgins or a perfect husband. 

I also found the image on page 102 really powerful! Contorted, anonymous bodys fly through the air with keys tugging away form their necks. Those poor boys experienced such an intense, traumatizing side of humanity that I would never wish upon someone else.