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Sister in a Struggle

kwilkinson's picture

Hi Everyone!  My name is Kelly, I wasn't in class with you all on Thursday.  

I guess because I haven't met you all it took me a while to figure out which picture I wanted to use.  Although I relatively enjoy taking pictures, I wasn't sure what picture would adequately represent me.  Then I thought to myself why I want to take this class in the first place... I selected my avatar not because this is was a great book necessarily, but because I struggle with being fully comfortable with feminism.  As a Black-American woman, find myself in a love-hate relationship with feminism.  Of course I believe in not only equality, but also empowerment, for women (AND ALL MARGINALIZED PEOPLES), but I find myself always asking, "What type of woman are we talking about here?  Who is this movement really for?"  Historically in many social movements, Black women have been involved but never able to share their narratives and full unencumbered selves, due to a lack of understanding of their intersectionality as Black women.  Understanding that these two identities constantly impact one another, I struggle to fully align myself as a feminist because I feel that I would have to alienate my blackness in a sense, therefore my specific needs and wants as a black women.  I hope that in this course I am able to evolve in my thoughts from our discussion and course work.  See you all tomorrow!