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understanding equality

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On Thursday I loved the discussion we had about gender and sexuality. We really questioned where these binarys and sterotypes stemmed from and tried to find a solution. During my entire life I have never questioned my gender or sexuality until i started to investgate the importance of knowing my body and what I want. However, although I never questioned my gender or sexuality I have never critized or judged anyone for doing so. I always found it crazy when people would. But i then realized that this topic is only questionable because society has demonized those that do. At one point in history it was considered a mental illness. Crazy isn't it? Whats more crazy is that people still think it is which blows my mind. However, on a positive note America has evolved over time to slowly accept the LGBTQI community. During our last discussion in class I brought up the topic about gay rights in America. Now, I know America has a long way to go when it comes to improving our country and an even longer way to go to in order to make everyone equal. But I want to highlight both the good and the bad about America's progress with gay rights. I did some research to really find out how much progress America has really made when it came to gay rights and honestly I was completey stunned. As of June 2013 36 states banned same sex marriage (Roberts). According to the Gaullpa poll only 53% of Americans believe that gay marriage should be leaglized (Roberts). Although i was quite shocked about how low 53% was I wasn't suprised. I was suprised that, that 57% was way too low and people were just ignorant. But I wanted to know why? Why were people so ignorant? why are people depriving others of their joy and their right to love? I realized that many individuals are conditioned from a very young age to believe certain things and think a certain way. If you tell a child repeatedly told something is repulsive or bad eventually the child will listen and embody that message. Than they become adults that embody that same message which is then passed on to their children. As sickening as it is it's true. The influence T.V, media, music and family have on you is remarkable. I always use this anology when explaining why  many people are so against the LGBTQI community. However, even though there is a negative aspect to America's stance on gay rights there has been progess. Gay couples have been portrayed in the media such as in The Fosters played on ABC family and Scandal played on ABC 7. Netflix's newest hit Orange is the New Black has an openly transgender female as a main character. In the early 2000 never in my wildest dreams would I have thought gay couples would be on main stream TV. Notice that  these networks are geared toward "family television."  For once these couples weren't portrayed in a negative light, sexualized or stigmatized. That to me is progess. Same sex couples are allowed to adopt children. That to me is progress. In Philadelphia only there are over 100 LGBTQI support groups. That to me is progress. I know that it is going to take many years  from now for America to get to a place where its known as an "equal" country to all but we have start on a good note and we cant forget about the 57% of American's that do want equality, to the networks that are showing us the postive side of gay marriage/ rights and politicans that fight for their rights.

Attached I posted a picture about being an ally. One doesnt have to identify as Queer they simply have to show interest in equality for all. 

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